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Oregano flower tea

35g loose tea Oregano flower is unique in its properties – it provides the power and energy of the nature, protecting against everything unfavorable and unwanted. It has a refreshing, soothing, moderately sweet taste that you can enjoy all day long.

Wild strawberry leaf tea

15g loose tea Enjoy wild strawberry tea at any time of the day to fill you with energy and goodness. Preventive, aromatherapeutic, metabolism-improving effect.

Red clover tea

35g loose flower tea Red clover tea is special - instead of the usual spring and summer taste, it will bring the breezes of early autumn, when the sunsets are still late and the wind drives away the rain clouds, leaving room for a glorious fall!

Peppermint tea

25 g loose tea PLŪKT Peppermint Tea is special - rich not only in taste with a delightfully crisp taste but has a magical aroma and calming effect on the body. Simply take a deep breath, lay down and enjoy the celebration of Nature.

Cowslip Tea

35 g loose tea Cowslip tea will be perfect for your everyday life – light, airy, with prophylactic properties. Each flower captures a piece of a truly beautiful and wild northern summer - enjoy!

Lady’s mantle tea

30 g loose tea Lady’s mantle tea is a pure, tender, and delicate Nordic herb which rise and shine at the time of Midsummer celebration. The medium-sweet, sun-filled taste surprises with a slightly sour aftertaste, creating a special bouquet of flavors.

Yarrow tea

35 g loose tea Sometimes the best and most valuable things in life must be taken gradually and in small amounts. Just like Yarrow Tea - it has a refined bitterness and even a small sip of tea will improve your health.  

Wild raspberry leaf tea

Wild raspberry leaf tea 25g loose tea Wild raspberry leaf tea is one of the most aromatic and flavorful teas in the Northern forests, famous for its specific, strong aroma and sweet taste. It is equivalent to a walk-through mystical Nordic forest and looking for fairies enjoying the sweetest raspberries – join them while enjoying a cup of tea!

Fireweed tea

30 g loose tea Fireweed tea is especially popular and loved by us and our customers due to its endless good qualities and healthy properties.

Linden tea

20g loose tea PLŪKT Linden tea is soft and sun-drenched - an excellent choice for those who appreciate proven and familiar taste and hopes for sweeter dreams.

Cold-brew tea NORDIC MORNING

10 plant-based tea bags Energy boosting. Rich with microbioms supporting gut health because of the fermented Nordic Black tea as one of the ingredients. Blueberry works as antioxidant. Peppermint provides aroma and fresh taste.

Cold-brew tea SUMMER EVENING

10 pcs plant-based tea bags Calming and balancing. Rich with macrobioms supporting gut health. Blackcurrant berries provide sweet taste and vitamin A, and works as antioxidant.