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        Peppermint tea

        PLŪKT Peppermint Tea is rich not only in taste with a delightfully crisp taste, but has a magical aroma and calming effect on the body. Simply take a deep breath, lay down and enjoy the celebration of Nature.

        Fireweed tea

        Fireweed tea 30g loose tea The Fireweed Tea is our favourite PLūKT tea and is quite perfect for those who like to have good things in small amounts.

        Lady’s mantle tea

        Lady's Mantle tea 30g loose tea Lady's mantle tea is a pure, tender and delicate Nordic herb which rise and shine at the time of Midsummer celebration.

        Oregano flower tea

        Oregano flower tea 35g loose tea  

        Jerusalem Artichoke’s flower tea

        Jerusalem Artichoke's Flower tea 35g loose flower tea

        Yarrow tea

        Yarrow flower tea 35g loose tea  

        Red clover tea

        Red clover tea 35g loose flower tea The Red clover is the most popular flower for collecting honey, which you can taste wondrous layers of in a cup of PLŪKT Red clover tea.

        Refill NORDIC BLACK

        Repeatedly fill NORDIC BLACK tea can. Read more about NORDIC BLACK tea and its natural energy-boosting characteristics here.

        Refill BLOSSOM TEA

        Repeatedly fill BLOSSOM tea tin. BLOSSOM TEA is a blend made by combining the most vivid and energizing flowers of wild Northern meadows and forests. Contains blend of following herbs: ehinacea, calendula, peppermint, fireweed, cornflower, cowslip, oregano.

        Refill NORDIC GREEN TEA

        Repeatedly fill NORDIC GREEN tea tin . Read more about NORDIC GREEN tea and its natural energy-boosting characteristics here. It is a light, healthy alternative to green tea. Handmade from naturally-dried leaves of wild fireweed hand-picked in Northern Europe. Certified organic herbal tea.

        Refill WHITE NIGHT TEA

        Repeatedly fill WHITE NIGHT tea tin. Tea blend WHITE NIGHT contains the most aromatic herbs of Northern European forests, such as, wild raspberry, wild blackcurrant, jasmine, lady's mantle, peppermint, bedstraw.

        Tea sachets BLOSSOM take-away, horeca

        HoReCa take-away herbal tea sachets BLOSSOM tea blend. Pack of 50 individually-wrapped tea bags. Premium Nordic tea is ready to travel with you wherever the road takes!