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100% Certified organic. Sustainable. The perfect gift.

Discover the refreshing taste of PLŪKT cold-brew blends. 

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Organic. Caffeine-free. Award-winning.

Discover the magic of Northern herbal teas – from
sustainable tea times to authentic tea gifts. We are the pioneers of Nordic tea culture!

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Tea can become a favorite daily ritual for promoting well-being.
There are more than 1300 different plants in our wild meadows in Madona county - we believe that each of them is valuable!


Get to know black tea born in Northern Europe! Made from fermented wild Fireweed leaves, it's a light theine-free alternative to traditional black tea. And No.1 alternative in the World.

promise of sustainability

PLŪKT teas are created with the idea of preserving the natural environment as much as possible, maintaining biodiversity in our meadows and forests. It's a benefit from every sip!

Experience an authentic
Nordic tea masterclass!

Our tea master will share our knowledge about tea, will reveal the benefits of herbs collected in the wild meadows and forests of Northern Europe. After all, we will show you how to make an excellent cup of tea!

Featured in media

As we have developed, we have received interest from various media
about PLŪKT. We would love to tell you more about us!

Organically certified teas

PLŪKT is the only company in Northern Europe that serves tea in bags made from plant fiber. Herbs are obtained from organic certified wild meadows.

Export to 22 countries

PLŪKT products are represented in almost 200 sales points in 22 countries of the world, and 70% of the production is exported.

Internationally recognized

The awards received in Latvia, Europe and world level competitions recognize PLŪKT as a pioneer of Nordic tea culture.

The most sustainable herbal tea

From harvesting plants to compostable packaging, PLŪKT is a brand that is friendly to the environment and human health.