Discover the Magic of Latvian Midsummer with Our Premium Nordic Herbal Teas

Welcome to a journey of tradition, wellness, and natural beauty. At PLŪKT, we’re excited to introduce you to the enchanting world of Latvian Midsummer, also known as Jāņi. This ancient celebration, rich in folklore and customs, offers a unique and authentic experience that we’ve captured in our premium Nordic herbal teas. From the soothing rituals of the sauna to the aromatic practice of flower picking, each cup of our tea brings you closer to the heart of Latvian heritage. Join us as we explore the traditions that inspire our tea blends and discover how you can savor the essence of Midsummer all year round.

Embrace the wellness of herbal infusions

During Jāņi, Latvians gather various herbs and flowers, known for their healing and protective properties. Our herbal tea blends, featuring Wild raspberry, Fireweed, and Lady’s mantle, reflect these time-honored remedies. These herbs are not only a staple of Midsummer celebrations but also a cornerstone of Latvian wellness traditions. Each sip of our tea offers a taste of these natural remedies, providing a moment of relaxation and rejuvenation.

Rejuvenate with sauna rituals

The sauna is a cornerstone of Latvian Midsummer, symbolizing purification and relaxation. Infused with the essence of birch branches and aromatic herbs, our teas capture the spirit of this beloved tradition. Enjoy the soothing and rejuvenating experience of a Latvian sauna with every cup, promoting overall well-being and tranquility.

Warm your soul with bonfire rituals

Bonfires are a central element of Jāņi, representing the sun and its power to drive away evil spirits. These gatherings are filled with warmth, community, and the enjoyment of herbal drinks. Our tea blends embody the cozy and aromatic experience of these bonfire nights, creating a sense of togetherness and comfort.

Celebrate with floral wreaths

Floral wreaths made from oak leaves and various flowers are worn as symbols of fertility, health, and protection during Jāņi. Our tea packaging and marketing materials reflect the vibrant and festive spirit of these wreaths, emphasizing the natural, festive, and healthful qualities of our products.

Experience the magic of flower picking

One of the unique traditions of Jāņi is the picking of nine different flowers three times, believed to bring good fortune and love. Inspired by this botanical heritage, our tea blends incorporate a variety of flowers and herbs traditionally gathered during Midsummer. This adds a layer of cultural depth and authenticity to our teas, making each cup a true reflection of Latvian heritage.

Savor the essence of Latvian midsummer

At PLŪKT, we’re proud to bring the rich traditions of Latvian Midsummer to your cup. Our premium Nordic herbal teas are more than just a beverage—they’re an invitation to experience the magic, wellness, and beauty of Jāņi. Embrace the traditions, savor the flavors, and celebrate the heritage with every sip. By weaving these traditions and herb-picking practices into your Midsummer celebration, you can have a rich and immersive taste of Latvian heritage through your herbal teas.

Have a beautiful Midsummer celebration!

Truly yours,

Māra & Līga, and PLŪKT team in Prauliena

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