Let’s Celebrate Womanhood!

On this day, we celebrate womanhood and appreciate the important women in our lives. Every woman deserves to feel loved and valued, so to delight a special woman in your life, gift her with aromatic and wonderful tea. The moment of enjoying tea, that feeling when you sip an unbeatable aroma and gentle flavor-filled drink, is indescribable, making everyone feel special. The teas in PLŪKT product selection are suitable if you want the recipient to feel special and appreciated.

A wonderful gift for a mom – that can be said best about BLOSSOM tea, which also contains such plants as cornflower, calendula and cowslip, giving the tea visual charm. The gentle, sweet taste and aromatic fragrance of the tea will be appreciated. 

A slightly different combination is in the gift set NORDIC. The set consists of two highly aromatic teas, the main element of which is fireweed. NORDIC BLACK includes fermented fireweed leaves, which is a great, healthy alternative to traditional black tea as it does not contain caffeine but is invigorating and aromatherapeutic. Meanwhile, NORDIC GREEN is a light alternative to traditional green tea, because it consists of dried fireweed leaves, with a mild citrus undertone aftertaste. The tea has a toning and metabolism-improving effect, and it is refreshing, so it is recommended to drink it in the first half of the day. 

The gift set NORDIC BLENDS will appeal to true tea experts. The set includes BLOSSOM and WHITE NIGHT teas. BLOSSOM tea enchants with its lightly sweet floral selection, each plant giving the tea its charm, together creating a captivating aroma and unforgettable taste enjoyment. Tea to sip in moments of relaxation and warm evenings, that’s what WHITE NIGHT is about. It includes sweet wild raspberry leaves, refreshing peppermint, and gentle fireweed. The tea blend is soothing and aromatherapeutic, with the plants in it offering a rich bouquet of flavors, taking you on a new, unprecedented taste journey. We invite you to delight the important women in your life with one of our products, so they feel special on this day.

By entering the code MARCH8, you will receive a 20% discount on the selected gift set in the online store, so hurry up and delight your loved ones with our aromatic teas.

All the products offered can be viewed here . We, the PLŪKT team, wish you, ladies, a Happy International Women’s Day!

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