Refresh yourself with Linden flower tea during sunny moments.

As summer approaches, nature offers us its valuable gifts that will enhance our well-being, improve our mood, and simply provide peaceful moments of relaxation. One of these treasures is Linden flowers (Tilia cordata). They have a special, romantic fragrance and bloom in the height of summer, making late summer evenings memorable. Linden flowers possess a magical charm, as the Linden tree is highlighted in Latvian folklore as a feminine tree with a gentle floral aroma and a lush, magnificent crown. You can also often find some natural cosmetics products containing the scent of linden flowers.

Linden flowers bloom in mid-summer, in June and July, attracting with their strong, honey-like scent and yellowish hue. The linden flowers are harvested from trees which grow in certified organic meadows.

The flowers bloom only once a year, lasting approximately 7 days, and are harvested in full bloom, in sunny and dry weather, to ensure they remain fresh when dried. Like all herbs, linden flowers are dried using the energy of the sun and wind, allowing them to retain their unique properties.

Tea preparation is quite simple. Rinse the tea cup with hot water to warm it slightly. Then, place 1.5 tsp. of loose tea in the cup and pour hot water, prepared just below boiling point, over tea. Allow the tea to steep for 5-7 minutes, and then it is ready to enjoy.

Sipping linden flower tea creates a sweet taste, a light golden, and perfectly clear hue, produced by the linden flowers themselves. The ideal time to enjoy this tea is late afternoons and evenings, due to its relaxing and calming effects. You can also enjoy the charm of linden flower tea in the HAVE IT ALL tea gift set.

Not forgetting to care for the environment, the tea is packaged in eco-friendly paper packaging.
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