Sweet ideas for Mother’s Day

Mother is one of the most important people in your life, and to honor her contribution and selfless dedication to the family and daily life, Mother’s Day is celebrated worldwide. These are wonderful celebrations that remind us of the significant role our mother plays in our lives and how much the time spent together should be appreciated. To warm your mom’s heart on this special day, offer her one of our teas. However, if you want the gift to be even more special and provide flavor diversity, choose the Nordic gift set from PLŪKT.

In our selection, there are various aromatic and flavorful herbal teas that will be appreciated by every tea lover and those new to herbal teas alike. Cool off on the first warm days of spring with a natural, refreshing cold tea. SUMMER EVENING  cold tea brings a true feeling of a summer evening, with gentle hints of melissa and blackcurrant leaves, evoking memories of warm, bright, and magical summer nights. Cold tea is sure to please those who want to consume extra fluids daily and enjoy the taste of the drink.

The cold-brewed NORDIC MORNING tea will be a truly excellent choice to enjoy on mornings before a busy and adventure-filled day. The flavor notes of this cold tea are composed of freeze-dried blueberries, giving the tea its violet color, peppermint for freshness, and Nordic Black tea, which contains fermented fireweed leaves.

BLOSSOM tea has also gained popularity beyond the borders of Latvia and is appreciated as a great gift for moms, with its gentle, slightly sweet aftertaste. Meanwhile, the tea bag contains a rich color spectrum, which is also reflected intensively in the tea drink.

NORDIC gift set is a premium quality gift set that allows you to enjoy fireweed in various ways. The set includes two teas – NORDIC BLACK and NORDIC GREEN. It combines black and green tea alternatives, providing a wonderful taste and a strong, unforgettable aroma. This gift set reflects the value of fireweed and its excellent flavor. The teas have a strong color and distinctive flavor, they are caffeine-free, and enjoyable even in the late evening hours.

At PLŪKT e-shop, you can find suitable herbal teas for all tastes, as well as the perfect gift for your mom, which will delight and warm her heart.

Warm wishes for Mother’s Day from the PLŪKT team!

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