Finding your authentic self – 4 steps to practice during tea time

If you have been following our journey for a while, you probably know that we are positively crazy about details and authenticity. But…let us tell you – to set high standarts in sustainability and quality, and express yourself originally means that you inspire others to act similarly. Change inspires change and this is amazing! Let this be an encouragement to always be yourself, even if it takes more time to discover and explore what it means to you.

These are the 4 steps we revise frequently to stay in alignment with PLŪKT mission and continue to serve authentic services and products. We hope this is a good starting point for you to find your authentic self. Besides, it is a brilliant exercise to meditate on during your next tea time.

1. Do what you like and are passionate about

It is clearly visible when someone loves what they do and is truly inspired by the vision they are aiming towards. This spark in your eyes can’t be copied no matter how hard someone tries. Think of the hobbies, activities and times when you felt most like yourself and wished the time went slower. Perhaps your spark can be found just there! Have you heard our Co-founder Māra pitching PLŪKT in startup and industry competitions? Or perhaps attended a tea masterclass served by our tea master Līga? One can learn the same text, the same actions, but there won’t be confidence in it.

When you’re in your own lane, there’s no traffic

Ava DuVernay

2.Bring value

Whether you are starting your business or initiative, remember to think about others – those who will actually be taking part in your service or use your products. It is long past the point where businesses are build just for profit. We are here to create value and provide solutions to those we care for – customers, our teams, environment, suppliers and societies. What is the value you could create?

3.Get creative and curious

Look at everything you see around yourself. Is there anything you are missing or wish to see more? Something that you have never noticed before? While tea industry has always been perceived as traditional, we came as youngsters and turn the story around! We did it from the place of how we wanted it to look like in the next 5 years and were the ones to start the change. A simple thing, yet so powerful. Think of what could be the point of difference for your idea?

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery that mediocrity can pay to greatness

Oscar Wilde

4. Stay transparent

There is a saying – if you are afraid to talk about your idea or initiative freely with others, then probably it is not that original at all. Behind every idea and business is a person or group of people. Let them know your story, your intentions and how they resonate with what you are doing.

We hope that this blog post will encourage you to stay original and come up with your own ideas and initiatives to make the world a better place one step at a time. Always cheering for you!

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