What is biodiversity and why it matters?

Biodiversity is the core of safety, health and well-being of humankind. There are more than 1300 herbs growing in wildlife meadows and forests of Northern Europe, that to some extent could be used in herbal teas and tisanes. Biodiversity like this is exclusive. And although natural areas are very much accessible here in Baltic region and Northern Europe, there is a reason PLŪKT aims to preserve natural biodiversity.

What is biodiversity?

Biodiversity is a term used to describe the variety of species, types and ecosystems, or in other words – life – on Earth. According to World Wide Fund for Nature, there are several major threats to biodiversity:

  • the increasing intensity of agriculture and forestry;
  • violation of restrictions in Nature reserves and restricted areas;
  • failure to maintain Nature reserves and restricted areas;
  • landscape fragmentation.

Why is biodiversity Important?

Biodiversity is one of the aspects covered under Agenda 2030 goals. From being the key element of the food security to leading to higher productivity, more efficient resource use, and long-term viability of resources.

Tips and Reminders for protecting biodiversity

If you find yourself wondering in wildlife meadows, forests and grasslands, and are eager to pick that beautiful bouquet of flowers, here is a tip for you. Always leave at least a few flowers in each flower “family” and please do not pick them entirely. This allows them to spread further and possibly blossom also next year.

Have a piece of land or you own a field just by your house? Turn it into nourishing oasis by sowing a flower meadow. Having the right mix of seeds is the key and NordicBotanical could help with that.

How to recognize if the area is rich with biodiversity? Look for herbs like Cowslip (botanical name Primula veris) and Oregano (botanical name Origanum vulgare) growing in wildlife. These are picky herbs and only grow in rich areas.

Remember, biodiversity is not a foreign topic. It is something to be talked about and acted upon, since it affects every living being on this planet.

If you are surrounded by or can easily access natural areas – forests and meadows- , you are privileged. Do not take it for granted and rather raise awareness of this exclusivity among your friends and family.

Learn and explore more wildlife herbs during PLŪKT tea masterclasses or create your own herbarium collection with our product packaging design.

Besides encouraging biodiversity, PLŪKT is on a mission to remain as the most sustainable tea out there. There are many different actions we take to stay true to this vision – learn more about our sustainability commitment.

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