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The actress Drew Barrymore recommends PLŪKT tea.

Latvia-based tea brand PLŪKT and its floral Nordic herbal tea blend BLOSSOM, experienced an increase in recognition in United States at the end of January after American actress Drew Barrymore highlighted the brand as an ideal gift choice on the Etsy e-commerce platform.

America is strategically significant and one of the 22 export countries where organically certified tea with the Latvian name PLŪKT is sold. The co-founder and leader of the company, Māra Lieplapa, reveals: “From South Africa to Japan and from Australia to United States – the PLŪKT brand and assortment are appreciated, and my long-term goal is for Nordic or Northern European tea to introduce a new tea culture to the world. Therefore, I consider every review of PLŪKT tea as a significant contribution to expanding the community of tea enthusiasts, and undoubtedly, the recommendation of the famous American actress further strengthens our brand’s position in America.”

Drew Barrymore recommended PLŪKT tea BLOSSOM, which includes Northern herbs such as echinacea, chamomile, peppermint, marigold, dandelion, and yarrow, all harvested in organically certified wild meadows and forests in Latvia. The PLŪKT brand has already gained international recognition for its innovative and sustainable production approach: the plants used in tea are dried using wind and solar energy, and the material used for tea bags is plant fiber – as a result, these bags compost within 30-60 days and do not release plastic particles into the drink. Currently, PLŪKT is the only herbal tea producer in Northern Europe that offers a sustainable, nature-friendly solution in the tea industry.

More about the company:

PLŪKT is a family business founded by mother and daughter – Līga Lieplapa and Māra Lieplapa in 2017. The growth of the PLŪKT company began with the first tea shop in Singapore, but currently, the most significant export countries for the company’s products are the USA, Canada, and Belgium. The largest distribution channels for the assortment include zero waste and design concept stores, HoReCa, and e-commerce.

More about the review:

Etsy is one of the significant sales channels for PLŪKT tea in America. In early 2024, the e-commerce company invited American actress, film producer, and director Drew Barrymore to choose brands and their products that she would recommend as gifts, and one of them is the PLŪKT tea BLOSSOM. According to Statista data for 2022, Etsy was a sales platform for more than 7 million brands or sellers.


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