Make your tea refreshing – iced tea recipes

Tea is one of the most popular and oldest drinks. Every year people around the world drink billions of cups of tea. Appreciating not only its various tastes and valuable properties, but also its rich history and traditions. And you can almost certainly drink it in different ways. 

And tea can definitely be drunk in different ways. PLŪKT tea can be a fantastic drink not only hot, but it can also serve as a refreshing base for iced tea on a hot spring day! The properties of PLŪKT tea will make this drink your source of energy! 

We offer you a look at three different ways of making iced tea, which you can use when you want a refreshing drink!

Cold brew tea – the secret to the best iced tea is to cold brew it. It’s delicious, smooth, and refined. The cold brew process is simple, but requires time.

To make a cold brew tea, place your tea leaves inside a pitcher with cool or room temperature water and chill for at least 12 hours. Once time is up, strain out the leaves and enjoy a perfectly refreshing brew that’s free of bitter tannins.

Ice is optional since the tea is already chilled, but add ice to keep it colder for longer. Not all tea is cold brewed for the same amount of time. Green tea in general is trickier to cold brew. It can taste bitter if not made properly so always check brewing guides. Black tea, oolong tea, and herbal teas are the easiest to brew since it’s harder to mess up and should be cold brewed for 12 hours.

Iced black tea – a brisk iced black tea is the perfect warm weather drink. 

This classic recipe is very simple to make. Black tea is brewed in hot water, then cooled down and served over ice. The key to making a black tea that isn’t too bitter is steeping it at the correct temperature for no longer than 5 minutes.

This recipe works for any type of black tea, like NORDIC BLACK, and can be enjoyed plain, sweetened, or with milk. It’s a great drink to serve at summer barbecues and potlucks or to bring on a picnic.

Ice chilled ice tea – if you need to get a drink together quickly, try the ice-chill method. Instead of cooling the tea in the refrigerator, you cool it down by adding a lot of ice. It comes together in less than 10 minutes.

Try various refreshing PLŪKT tea recipes that will enrich your world of flavors and your everyday life! 

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