With cup of PLŪKT tea in the moment of self-development

There is something in the nature of tea, that leads us into a world of quiet contemplation of life.

Lin Yutang

At some moment inside the daily rush, when you can make tea in some mega pitcher, mini cup or even stylish glass, it appears that now you have a moment for yourself.When one of PLŪKT teas – Linden, Wild strawberry leaf or Blossom, or absolutely any other – is slowly cooling off, we hurry to rethink about, what is current in our and our friend’s lives. We hurry to relax from seeming routine, where sometimes we are stuck in.

Does tea gives relaxation? Of course! Tea calms down, especially in moments, when we go through different problems, because neither we nor our ancestors could survive without them.

Intake of tea in the body theoretically is comparable with a session with a psychologist. Tea also leads to thinking differently – calmly, positively, more meaningful. Letitia Baldridge, American etiquette expert has said: Tea time is a chance to slow down, pull back, and appreciate our surroundings.

Undeniable, while sipping tea, you don’t have to only sit at one place, looking at one point, slipping into your thoughts. So what can you do while drinking tea? It goes hand in hand with developing your hobbies, for example, reading – books or magazines; painting – with acrylic or oil colors. You can do stitch craft – weave, knit or crochet, these fancyworks are getting popular again! You can and you need to plan your time – for day, for month or even for year!

Dare yourself to sit down with a journal, to start something new – start writing poems or stories, because there will never be too many of them in the world; participate in life-long education – fulfill your horizon, while gaining new knowledge, starting new studies, which you have always put off from time to time; search and inquire about the processes you are interested in.

But what if tea gets cold, you think? No matter what it’s still all achievable, because you can rely on tea. PLŪKT teas are tasty even cooled off. You see, tea gives you this fantastic chance – spend time with yourself. After Jonathan Stroud words: Making tea is a ritual that stops the world from falling in on you.

When kettle turns off and you hear the signal, that your water has boiled, the moment has come that will restore your energy, which over time, like our phone batteries, lowers its percentage.

Katrīna from PLŪKT team

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