Tea as a mirror of your season 

How do you know when spring has arrived? Does it come when weather news portals announce that the date of astronomical spring has arrived or when your inner feeling says – yes, it’s spring now, I feel it! How it really is?

We like to think that human nature has seasons. Also, a person internally feels the winter, when you want to stay-in and be cozy, and summer, when it’s time to bloom – you want to go, laugh, dance and be among people! And spring comes when you want to throw away all the things you don’t need and to bloom like a flower, smell the already slightly warm air and maybe start from the beginning! 

Likewise, tea is seasonal. A soothing tea in the evening will not work when it’s early morning and you want to feel refreshed, and vice versa. 

Each flower and plant are responsible for its own season. In nature, everything is seasonal. And when you choose which tea to drink, you already show yourself which season you are in right now. Isn’t that amazing? 

Those moments are so inexplicable. It is not possible to explain why the body requires exactly green tea all the time. “Green tea strengthens the spirit, softens the heart, prevents fatigue, promotes thinking and prevents you from becoming lazy…” – such wise words written about green tea in one of the ancient Chinese manuscripts.

And then, realizing that you are in the season of green tea, you realize that you want to cheer yourself up and do more right now. In our opinion, the season of green tea is also very suitable for spring – it is about a fresh start and a refreshing, cheerful presence! We can give you the best experience of the green tea season with NORDIC GREEN tea, which will be like an invigorating dose with a hint of citrus! 

But if you feel that you want to spend more time with yourself this spring, and for you it’s not about running, thriving, participating – any kind of doing! – this is also completely right. Maybe this is exactly what you need most – to make the soothing and aromatherapeutic WHITE NIGHT tea, to spend more time in silence, and that will be the most productive time for you. 

Tea reflects who we are at that moment. And it allows you to be what you really want at that moment; it doesn’t force anything. Enjoy with PLŪKT!

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