The Importance of Sustainable Products

Global consumers are becoming more aware of the consequences of their purchasing decisions, and you should follow suit. Though half of them are becoming eco-friendly, a survey conducted by PwC revealed that consumers in the Asia-Pacific region are the most conscious about the environment. The survey cited that Indonesian consumers are heading the practice of sustainability by 86%, followed by about 74% of consumers in Vietnam, the Philippines, and other consumers in the Asia-Pacific. This is not at all surprising — as they are, after all, one of the most affected by climate change.

While geography plays a part in causing storms in the region, climate change and warming weather are amplifying the frequency of typhoons and major weather events in vulnerable areas like the Philippines. Sustainability is becoming more significant than ever, now that countries in the Asia-Pacific region are experiencing deadly and destructive typhoons more frequently. On the other side of the globe, however, Europe is also experiencing climate change, as exhibited by the frequency of extreme heat over the recent decades. In fact, the rising temperatures are becoming concerning amongst citizens, since the heat is surpassing the annual average temperatures.

So before it’s too late, consumers all over the world must contribute to saving the planet by practicing sustainability.

The Environmental Cost of Consumer Goods

The frequent occurrences of destructive typhoons and extreme heat are no coincidence. These environmental disasters are happening due to high carbon emissions, water usage, and waste disposal of consumers. Both businesses and consumers are guilty of supporting practices in which natural resources are depleted, to our own detriment.

To illustrate, the fashion industry wastes 93 billion cubic metres of water and releases 10% of the world’s global carbon emissions every year. In the US alone, the manufacturing industry utilises about 77% of the fuel and non-fuel consumption so that they can generate electricity and create consumer products. Even online shopping is becoming detrimental, considering that Chinese companies increase emissions and pollution to transport roughly three million same-day deliveries every day. Meanwhile, Europe is closely following China, given that 5% of the daily deliveries are same-day purchases. These consumer practices will lead to further environmental destruction, unless everyone starts to adopt sustainability.

The Importance of Practicing Sustainability

More consumers are practising and demanding for sustainability, so that everyone can meet their own needs without affecting the future generations’ quality of life. To meet this goal, sustainable practices must be observed by both the businesses and the consumers in order to protect both the environment and the people. By working towards sustainability, everyone can preserve natural resources, protect the environment, and improve the quality of everyone’s lives.

As a consumer, you can practice sustainability by carefully choosing the products that you support. One of our articles emphasised that you need to consider the product, packaging, and the life cycle of your products to achieve sustainability. Natural products that are stored in sustainable packaging can have a longer life cycle because they can be recycled or reused. Consider getting goods, such as tea, coffee, or even hygienic products, in refillable containers so that you can reduce any waste or carbon footprint. Supporting sustainable products will go a long way in improving the health of the people and the state of the environment.

You can do your part in saving the planet by practicing sustainability in your daily life. Start by enjoying natural and sustainable tea from PLŪKT!

Written exclusively for PLŪKT by Ashley Chastings

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